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Introducing the Perfect Dispensing Solution

We’re so excited to announce the merger of Natural Partners and Fullscript!

This brings the best wholesale and fulfillment network in the nutritional supplement industry together with the premier online supplement dispensary platform to create a more efficient, effective and innovative solution for integrative practitioners and patients.

We know practicing integrative healthcare is hard. It’s very personal, takes time and requires a close connection with your patients. The company’s new roadmap for service evolution and product innovation will advance wellness and help take the hassle out of practicing integrative healthcare.

Start shopping thousands of professional-grade products from your favorite brands at wholesale Rates. Sign up for your free Natural Partners account now. Complement your in-practice inventory with an online dispensary. Sign up for your free Fullscript account here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Customer Care Group at 888.633.7620.

In health and wellness,

Fran Towey
CEO, Natural Partners Fullscript

Kyle Braatz
President, Natural Partners Fullscript

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Practitioner Q&A

Who is Fullscript?
Fullscript, was the first online supplement dispensary, inventing the model for the industry. They continue to develop best-in-class technology and digital experiences for delivering wellness products and services to integrative healthcare practices, making it easier for practitioners to recommend and dispense supplements to their patients. Their laser focus on technology, and their innovative development-focused structure allows them to roll out product enhancements at a rapid rate. Like us, they’re committed to advancing wellness and taking the hassle out of practicing integrative medicine.

Why Merge Natural Partners and Fullscript?
The merger brings together two leading companies in the industry. Since Natural Partners and Fullscript were developed, both companies have maintained high levels of quality and convenience to their customers with a strong culture at their core. Together we are even stronger!

The merger will harness Fullscript’s excellence in software engineering and Natural Partners’ supply chain and merchandising expertise to provide a holistic management solution for integrative practitioners - no matter how you choose to prescribe and dispense. The new company, which will specialize in online dispensary management, speciality distribution, e-commerce, and patient adherence tools, is dedicated to supporting the expanding integrative healthcare market. The company’s new roadmap for service evolution and product innovation is expected to improve health outcomes for patients, while improving practice economics.

What is the name of the new company?
As of today, we are calling our joint company Natural Partners Fullscript. However, the name and branding of the, and the Fullscript platform have not changed.

How does this affect Natural Partners practitioners?
Business as usual! Natural Partners will continue to provide thousands of professional-grade products at wholesale rates to healthcare practitioners, and soon you will have access to an expanded portfolio! As always, you will receive the great customer service from Natural Partners that you love.

How does this affect NP Script practitioners?
At this time we are fully supporting both platforms. There will be no initial changes to NP Script sites or users at the time of the merge.

In the longer term, we’ll be working toward a single online dispensary platform, one that incorporates the key benefits of both Fullscript and NP Script. As part of the merger, it is our intent to transition away from the NP Script platform within 12 months. As we get closer to that point, we’ll communicate our plans and timing.

What if I want to move my NP Script site to Fullscript now?
We can help. Keep in mind we are working through a seamless transition, but you are welcome to transition to Fullscript now. Contact us at or call us at 888.633.7620 and we’ll get you started.

What if I have both a Fullscript and an NP Script account?
Over time you may want to begin transitioning your patients to the Fullscript platform. We will keep you informed as things change, and we are here to help!

Will any of my favorite brands go away?
No, the Natural Partners portfolio will only grow!

What new brands will be available to me at wholesale rates?
Stay tuned for more information on new brands that will be available.

Will there be any change in my service, pricing or shipping rates?
There are no immediate changes to pricing or shipping standards. You will still receive the great Natty P customer service you are used to.

Does this mean Natural Partners will now ship to Canada?
Not at this time. We are evaluating a Canadian distribution center in the future.

What does the leadership of Natural Partners Fullscript look like?
  • Fran Towey will be the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the merged company
  • Kyle Braatz, Fullscript’s current founder and CEO, will be the President of the merged company

Will I still be able to speak to my favorite Natty P?
Yes! The Natural Partners team is still here to help! Call 888.633.7620.

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